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Split: The Jewel of Croatia

This is an article about Split and the beauty this city shines at everyone who visits it.

How to Get the Most Out of 24 Hours in Auckland

After missing my connecting flight to Sydney I was stranded in Auckland for 24 hours. Little did I realise it would be my one of my favourite adventures.

Unknown Island Resorts of the Mediterranean

A short introduction to some of the interesting, yet almost unknown, island resorts in the Mediterranean.

Gadgets to Pack For Winter Vacation - Top Picks

The holiday season is a great time to enjoy fun activities, see new sights, and overall have a great time. The newest tech gadgets will help you experience this holiday season to the best of your abilities. Whether you're flying overseas for a winter vacation or traveling to family for the holidays, these fun products will give you the best experience.

A short guide through some of the most interesting and popular islands of Mediterranean.

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